Vision Statement

Vision Statement

At Bradford Girls’ Grammar School is committed to ensuring that every pupil can access a first class education and when they leave school they are equipped to deal with the challenges and demands of adult life and future careers with maturity and confidence. We believe that a strong relationship between home and school reinforces the successful education we provide as well as emphasising the importance of the following key principles in all areas of school life:

 One of the greatest assets to any school are its teachers and Bradford Girls has an experienced, well qualified and committed teaching staff, all capable of delivering the highest standards of teaching and learning and of promoting individual pupil progress.

 A broad and balanced, relevant but challenging curriculum enables the rigorous pursuit of excellent academic standards and will deliver a successful education. At Bradford Girls our curriculum is constantly reviewed to ensure we are meeting the academic needs of all our pupils.

 A well thought-out programme of extra-curricular activities enhances academic study. Here in school this typically includes; extra-curricular sports, outdoor pursuits and residential visits, music, speech and drama, debating and public speaking, art and dance. We expect all our pupils to have experienced some or all of these activities during their school careers.

 High standards of behaviour reflect on-going school expectations. Pupils very quickly adapt to and adopt the positive behaviours expected from any member of the school community; punctuality, courtesy, a smart appearance in the correct school uniform, consideration for others, to name but a few. Excellent standards of behaviour are maintained through role modelling by older students, strong emphasis on positive behaviour, disapproval of poor behaviour and consideration of the consequences of our actions.

 High levels of attendance at school are without doubt related to strong academic performance. Research can demonstrate the direct correlation between numbers of days at school missed and final examination grades and therefore the importance of a full or near full attendance record at school is emphasised and absences are rigorously pursued.

 A clearly defined pastoral structure supports the wellbeing of every pupil and we actively promote a school community in which each pupil is secure in the knowledge: that they are known, that they are respected, that they matter, their achievements matter and that support is always available.

 Leadership skills without doubt promote confidence and self-esteem. Opportunities to promote leadership qualities, risk taking and informed decision making are provided for pupils at all key stages.

We believe that when these principles are in place and working well our pupils receive the best possible preparation for their future life choices.

Aspire – Succeed – Lead

Our school motto is “Aspire, Succeed, Lead”. These core values underpin the aims and ethos of the school, providing inspiration and direction in every area at every stage of school life.

“Our commitment is to continue to promote a school community ethos where every pupil is able to develop their potential, to explore their strengths, address their weaknesses and ultimately establish themselves as confident young adults equipped to deal with the responsibilities and complexities of life beyond school. ”

K.T.Matthews. Principal