Parent Survey

Parent Survey


The 2016 Parent Survey was conducted during the period January to April 2016.

The set of questions used in the survey were based upon the Ofsted ‘Parentview’ questionnaire which is currently used during school inspections. By standardising the survey, the results can be used as a benchmark to gauge how well the school is performing through a year on year comparison.

A couple of additional questions have been added; the first to allow parents to provide clarity on how they feel the school responds to any concerns raised, and the second to offer an opportunity for parents to provide further feedback to the school, particularly if they have any concerns or suggestions.

Additionally, a ‘don’t know’ box was included to allow parents to indicate their inability to provide a valid rating based on experience or awareness.

The survey achieved an overall 26% response rate. It is expected that these results now allow for year on year bench-marking on the performance of both the whole school and individually the two main phases.




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