The beautiful town of Malaga.

The beautiful town of Malaga.

At the end of September, a group consisting of Year 11 and sixth form students travelled to Malaga for a five day stay in the beautiful town of Benalmadena.

The first day was spent visiting one of Malaga’s most famous landmarks, the impressive La Alcazaba, one of the best-preserved Moorish fortresses in Spain. Constructed around 756-780AD by Malaga’s Arab rulers, the Alcazabra offered breath taking views over the city and across to Africa. The history and art students were particularly impressed with the archaeological museum whose exhibits included Roman mosaics and Moorish ceramics.

Later in the afternoon students visited the Plaza de la Merced, and the adjacent Picasso Museum with its extensive collection of priceless exhibits charting the life of the world famous artist.

The next day students enjoyed a trip to the vibrant city of Granada set below the Sierra Nevada, which is dominated by the vast complex of the Alhambra. Here the stunning palaces, fortress and gardens provided the GCSE art students who were currently studying Spanish Islamic art, a valuable opportunity to examine one of the best examples of Islamic architecture and craftsmanship in the world.

Early on the third day the group travelled further north to spend a day admiring the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world, the magnificent ‘Catedral de Sevilla’ with its remarkable vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows and dazzling gilded altarpiece.   The cathedral, completed in just over a century (1402-1506), is home to the tomb of Christopher Columbus and boasts numerous chapels including the lavishly decorated Royal Chapel, the Chapel of St. Peter and the Chapel of St. Anthony. More tombs are found in the crypt under the altar, where Castilian kings and queens from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries are buried.

On the final day, whilst some of the girls enjoyed a further opportunity to practice their language skills with a shopping trip in the town and lunch in one of the many outside cafés, many chose to relax on one Malaga’s golden beaches.