A Rising Star in the Performing Arts

A Rising Star in the Performing Arts

Huge congratulations to Year 10 pupil, Alycia Booth, who swept the board at the annual Yorkshire Rose Dance Festival which was held at the Heckmondwike Grammar School, near Batley, on 16th and 17th November.

Competing against fellow dancers from various dance school across the region Alycia delivered two stunning performances to secure first place in both the national and modern dance categories.

Alycia is a keen enthusiast of the performing arts and regularly auditions for roles in various productions across the region. In October she landed the principal role of  ‘Tugger’ in a production of ‘Cats’, at the prestigious Riley Theatre in Leeds, which is home to the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Alycia is also actively involved in dance and drama at school and this year played the lead role of Sybil Burlington, one of the thoroughly mean Grangewood Girls, in the schools’ production of ‘Daisy Pull it Off’.

It come as no surprise then, that whilst everyone is relaxing over the festive season, Alycia will be treading the boards as she joins the chorus in the Upstagers Theatre Groups’ Christmas production of Peter Pan at the Kings Hall in Ilkley.

Even as the curtain comes down on this festive production, Alycia will have started rehearsals for the Upstagers’ musical, Joseph and His Coat of Many Colours, which is scheduled for later in the year, also at the Kings Hall.