A Winmarleigh Adventure

A Winmarleigh Adventure


On Monday 20 May, Year 4 and 5 pupils enjoyed a residential trip to the PGL Adventure Centre at Winmarleigh Hall near Preston.

The week long adventure and multi-activity course enabled pupils to test their confidence and physical ability with activities including: abseiling, climbing, archery, fencing, high ropes, a high trapeze and walking the wobbly bars. Even though many of the children were apprehensive about tackling some of the challenges presented, many surprised themselves at what they were capable of achieving. ‘When I went to go on the zip wire the height did scare me but when I did go down on it, it was the most amazing thing I have ever done’, said Hamza Sajid in Year 4.

Pupils enjoyed working in teams and supporting one another during group tasks, in particular building a raft from a number of different components and then launching and steering it on the lake. ‘At the start we had to build a raft and we all had to work together. When we all went into the water it was probably one of the funniest moments of all my life’, said Hamza.

The last day of the trip was left for the Giant Swing, the ultimate test of nerve and joint decision-making which proved the most popular activity. Members of each group hauled the swing ten metres into the air with two people in the harness. When both participants agreed, they pull the ripcord and swung towards the ground at high speed.