Abseiling Down the Velodrome

Abseiling Down the Velodrome

On Saturday 6th February, a group of determined students took part in a sponsored abseil from the top of Manchester’s Velodrome, to raise money for their World Challenge expedition to Malawi.

The team of students included sisters, Hadeel Habeeb (Year 12) and Henna Habeeb (Year 11) who were one of the first students to sign up for the month-long challenge, scheduled for July.

‘I realised that the World Challenge is a once in a lifetime opportunity which offers the chance to explore the world and experience different cultures’, said Hadeel.

‘I am sure it will be an extraordinary experience and one that I am so happy to be sharing with my sister’.

As students are required to raise £3,800 each to cover the full cost of the expedition, the two sisters have spent a busy summer fundraising which included organising a community BBQ at a local church with bouncy castles and various children’s activities.

‘Overall we raised over a thousand pounds between us throughout the summer which really kick started our fundraising efforts’, said Hadeel.

But the abseil down the inside of one of Manchester’s iconic buildings represented the most challenging activity to date:

vel‘At first I was not really nervous. It was only when I got to the top that it really hit me what I was just about to do and just how high up it was.

I have previously abseiled down a wall which was not too bad, but this way you were just suspended down the centre of the Velodrome at its highest point.

You had to hold on to the bar and then kick yourself off. But when it came to my turn I just could not let go, I was so scared.

After a while, with everyone encouraging and reassuring me, I just let go and did it.

It was such great fun and I took my time going down so I could really enjoy it – I even wanted to do it all again when I got to the bottom’.

Since the start of the school year, the two sisters, along with the other World Challenge students, have involved school friends in their fundraising efforts, with a school disco, non-uniform day and various bun sales. A sponsored balloon race is planned for over Easter with a school sleepover in the pipeline.

Hadeel and Henna were delighted to each raise a further £100 through the sponsored event, which puts them firmly on track to hit their target.

Team World Challenge L-R: Mr Warner, Falaq Maqsood, Amina Matib, Hadeel Habeeb, Mrs Rimmer, Sabah Ashraf, Vanesha Patel and Henna Habeeb.