An Interactive Day at Eureka

An Interactive Day at Eureka


On Friday 11 December, Reception boys and girls enjoyed their first school trip to Eureka, the award-winning national children’s museum, based in the centre of Halifax.

Following a memorable first coach ride, the excited pupils arrived at the museum ready to enjoy the array of fascinating exhibitions, displays and interactive activities, including the new ‘Light and Colour’ show and of course a visit to see Santa.

As the children moved through the various areas, first stop was the ‘Living and Working Together’ area which featured a working garage, shop, bank, post office and mock-up of a home. Children enjoyed serving in the shop, climbing aboard the huge trucks and rustling up a tasty feast in the kitchen.

Then on to a particular favourite, the ‘All About Me’ gallery which provided an interesting insight into the workings of the human body, with interactive activities which encouraged pupils to think about how their own bodies work.

Next, the ‘Our Brain & Senses’ area offered an exploration of a blinking eye, a climb on the huge tongue and looking up a very surprising nose, while watching out for the sneeze and the ‘snot tanks’!  Children were fascinated to learn about the workings of the ear, how their own tongue worked and with a real favourite, the giant teeth, all about the importance of healthy eating and looking after their teeth.

‘From the hands-on exhibits such as the hugely popular giant teeth to all the games and challenges, the Eureka museum provided an excellent learning experience. The Reception pupils all thoroughly enjoyed their first trip’ said Mrs Tozer.

In the role-play ‘Health Centre’ pupils were delighted to take on the roles of a Dentist; teaching their patients how to brush their teeth, a Doctor; checking x-rays and scanning the body, and even a Midwife that had to scan a mum’s tummy.

In the ‘Measuring & Looking Closer’ area pupils measured their height, stride and reach, and spent time finding out just what their bodies were made of, whilst in ‘Let’s Get Active’ pupils discovered how their body changes when they get active on the climbing wall and interactive pond. They also enjoyed investigating all about nutritious diets at the picnic tables and creating a tune from burps, sniffs, coughs and sneezes using sound beams.

After stopping for lunch in the Eureka café area, children enjoyed the new light and show but all agreed that the highlight was a final meeting with Santa who gave them all a small gift to take home.