Blogging and Skyping with Year 3

Blogging and Skyping with Year 3


Ms Thomson’s class have been forging international links with other schools this term with two very exciting ICT projects: ‘quad-blogging’ and ‘skyping’.

Year 3 commenced ‘Quad Blogging’, which involves a group of four schools taking turns to produce a blog for the other three to read and comment on, earlier in the year and are now regularly ‘blogging’ with a school in Adelaide, Chicago and Brighton Hove.

Pupils have been regularly posting updates about their school day, trips they have enjoyed, and the topics and projects they are currently working on. ‘This is proving to be a very exciting and fascinating project for 3L, they are so interested in finding out what other bloggers do at their own school’, said Mrs Thomson.  ‘Not only does this project help further develop their ICT skills but it also helps improve their writing and command of the English grammar’.

Mrs Thomson’s class have also been ‘skyping’ a group of pupils in the same year group at The British School in Prague.  On their most recent ‘skyping’ sessions, pupils in 3L talked to Niko from Switzerland, Meda who was Lithuanian and Jacek from Poland.

Children discussed their favourite games, films, and subjects at school and as the discussion moved on to sport, both classes said they would be watching the World Cup. The Prague pupils were also particularly impressed fascinated to learn that the Tour De France was coming to Yorkshire.