The Circus Comes to Town

The Circus Comes to Town

Pupils and staff in Year 1 were delighted to welcome circus entertainer, Jay Rollins, from the Blooming Circus, for a morning of balancing, juggling, magic and general circus shenanigans!

The session commenced with a thrilling display of circus skills by the talented visitor. Jay dazzled the boys and girls with his plate spinning, amazed them with his magic tricks and enthralled them with his daredevil juggling feats with balls, clubs, cigar boxes and rings.

Mr Biggin was certainly impressed with Jay’s juggling skills, and particularly thankful that he did not drop any of the large, heavy clubs as he juggled them above his head!

For each of the circus acts an audience member was only too happy to be of assistance, helping Jay to demonstrate how to perform each of the skills involved, with an easy, step-by-step explanation of how to begin to confidently master each one.

Then it was on to the most exciting part of the session: a ‘hands-on’, practical workshop.

Pupils first practised balancing a peacock feather carefully by the tip, then used the same principle to balance the spinning plates.

Juggling was tackled using the different coloured scarves to help familiarise pupils with the tricky co-ordination involved, whilst controlling the spinning Diabolos required real concentration to carefully maintain momentum using the two hand sticks.