El Desfile de Moda

El Desfile de Moda

Pupils in Years 9 and 10 concluded their final Spanish module on Hispanic fashions and styles, by organising their own “Verano Latino” Fashion Show for a group of visiting teachers from Panama.

Following the ‘South American summer’  theme, the show provided a celebration of the various styles and fashions across the range of cultures.

Students took complete responsibility for organising the show; promoting the event through flyers and personal invitations, which were all written in Spanish, selecting the background playlist for the show itself and providing detailed commentaries on the outfits, also written and delivered in Spanish.

‘Students decided on the outfits to include in the show and the result was a fusion of cultures, it was delightful’, said Mrs Sweeting.

‘On the day they were all beautifully presented and soon overcame their nerves to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable performance’.

Also included in the show was an enthralling dance solo performed by Aleeshaya Hussain. This was followed by a musical interlude, led by Mr Ramsey, with a group of talented musicians in Year 10 delivering an original Latino-inspired composition.

‘Our Panamanian visitors were very impressed by the enthusiasm, creativity, good will and sheer talent displayed by our girls’, said Mrs Sweeting.

The afternoon finished with a short presentation about Panama, delivered by the visitors, which afforded the students a glimpse of yet another Spanish speaking culture.