It all adds up for Mathematicians

It all adds up for Mathematicians

This term Bradford Girls’ Grammar School senior pupils joined students from around 80% of all UK secondary schools and colleges to take part in two UKMT Maths Challenges: A level students took part in the Senior Maths Challenge, and Year 9 and 10 pupils tackled the Intermediate level.

The questions were set by the University of Leeds and the challenge sat under normal exam conditions with marking undertaken externally. Only the top 40% of students nationally received a gold, silver or bronze certificate with each institution additionally presenting a ‘Best in School’ award.

Given these are the UK’s biggest national maths competitions, pupils from BGGS are regular participants.

‘The focus on problem solving is becoming increasingly important in the classroom’, said Miss Baskarad ‘and these Maths Challenges are ideal for testing our pupils skills in this area’.

‘The questions are accessible but are designed to really stretch pupils beyond the school curriculum and make them think’, she added.

In the Senior Challenge, sixth form students Trisha Patel (Year 13) and Amina Hussain (Year 12) were each awarded ’Best in Year’, with Bronze awarded to:

Year 12;  Ruqaiyah Jamali,  Ezra Khan, Aminah Ahmed, Nafeesa Kauser and Sushmita Singh and
Year 13; Sara Matib, Zahra Kosser, Hijab Mahmood, Imaan Hussain, Chandni Patel and Farah Abdur Rahman

In the Intermediate Competition, Year 9 pupils Gayatri Sistla, Ella West and Sana Asghar also received a Bronze award, with Gayatri picking up ‘Best in Year’.

But it was the Year 10 cohort that really raised their game;  Karolina Kowalczyk performed exceptionally well to receive Gold and take home ‘Best in Year’, Samah Hussain and Parivash Tahir were awarded Silver and Zaynab Awan and Fatema Burhani presented with Bronze.

As part of the top 10% receiving Gold in the competition, Karolina (pictured above) was awarded ‘Best in School’ and selected to tackle a further elite paper called the ‘Pink Kangaroo’ (the name is inspired by Australian Mathematics Trust). This then offers the opportunity to represent the school at the Mathematical Olympiad for Girls.

Pupils from Years 7-8 will take part in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge on Thursday 28 April 2016