Nature Watch with Chris Packham

Nature Watch with Chris Packham

Year 4 pupils were delighted to welcome wildlife expert, Chris Packham on Monday for a full day of woodland exploration and a very special nature lesson.

chris3Chris Packham, presenter of Springwatch and formally of the Really Wild Show, had specifically paid a visit to the school to meet Year 4 pupil Maariyah Tolkar as part of her prize for winning a national poetry competition for her poem about rainforests.

The competition was organised by toy giant Lego, and as well as winning a haul of playsets, Maariyah was thrilled to secure a visit from the famous presenter.


In the morning, Mr Packham talked about the natural wildlife that can now be found in Britain and even how wolves used to roam free in the countryside. This was followed by a question and answer session before escorting the Year 4 pupils to the wooded area to look for local wildlife.

During the outdoor session, he encouraged pupils to get excited by the everyday creatures such as slugs, beetles and even a white-tailed bumble bee.

Although some of the pupils were initially scared of touching the bee, Mr Packham reassured them and explained what motivates a bee to sting. Soon pupils were confident enough to hold the bee on their finger.

He said: ‘When children are worried about a bumble bee, maybe they aren’t getting enough time outside in nature’.

‘Children have an innate curiosity for living things and it is great when they get the chance to exercise that curiosity and come out and explore. There are lots of things to discover’.

In the afternoon Mr Packham taught pupils about the wide variety of birds that can be found in Britain, some of which he was sure would visit the school grounds.

To encourage these wildlife visitors and attract as many varieties as possible, Mr Packham spent the final session helping pupils build bird boxes to hang in their school grounds.

‘This visit proved to be perfect timing for Year 4, as they have been learning about nature and wildlife in their science lessons’, said Ms Leary.

‘All our pupils and staff have had a wonderful day learning about nature and would like to thank Mr Packham for spending so much time at our school. It has been a real treat’.