School Links with Malawi

School Links with Malawi

On Friday 23 January, pupils from Years 1 to 6 took part in a ‘School Linking Day’ which included a range of cross-curricular activities to help them learn about the different cultures around the world, with a particular focus on those those living in Africa, and the importance of becoming responsible global citizens.

The day focused on comparing and contrasting their lives with children living in Malawi and Lesotho and provided a further opportunity to link in with their other on-going projects; the school-link with the Chitali Primary School in Malawi, a project organised by the Starfish Malawi Charity, their WaterAid and various eco-school projects, and PSHE topics including ‘understanding British Values’.

Some of the projects covered over the day included:

A Day in the Life – pupils studied a typical day for a young African girl called Kirabo who lived in the small village of Morija in Lesotho, South Africa and compared their day to Kirabo’s. They were asked to think about the similarities and differences between how they lived and how Kirabo lives, and to consider what is important in their lives compared to the young Kirabo and her family.

The Wildlife of Africa – pupils learnt about co-ordinates in Maths and used these to locate where each of the animals of Africa could be found. They studied map reading in Geography and enjoyed finding where Malawi and the Chitali School were located on their map of Africa.

From Our Window – children wrote about what they could see from their classroom window to share with their partner school. They studied the different climates around the world, particularly in Africa and contrasted the differences between the weather in Yorkshire and that experienced by the pupils in Malawi.

In literacy pupils read about the lives of various children living in different parts of Africa and the difficulties they faced with poverty and the lack of water. In Science and Geography they looked at the importance of water and the projects undertaken by WaterAid, along with the value of various eco-projects.

Year 4 pupils also wrote letters to the children at the Chitali Primary School describing a typical school day in Lady Royd and about their favourite subjects.


Pic: Year 4 pupils wearing a ‘Chitenje’ – a traditional Malawi dress. These were brought back from Malawi by sixth form pupils on their recent World Challenge Expedition.