Shaping the Future for Bradford

Shaping the Future for Bradford


This term saw Year 3 pupils researching one of Bradford’s most iconic buildings, the Bradford Odeon as part of their project entitled  ‘The Generation Game’ which involves considering issues through the eyes of different generations.

Bradford Council bought the Odeon for £1 in early 2013 and has since asked any groups interested in taking it over to come forward with ideas on how the building could be used.

Three groups have so far made proposals. Bradford Live would see the building turned into one of Yorkshire’s largest concert venues. Bradford One proposed a 2,000-capacity music venue as well as a five-storey new-build and a consortium of businesses have proposed turning the building into a leisure centre.

Pupils were tasked with deciding which proposal would be best for Bradford by considering what Bradford already had and what it needed the most.

After talking with their parents, grandparents and friends, they collected all the opinions, drew up charts and concluded they would be supporting the Bradford One idea. Pupils then put their suggestion in a letter and sent it to the Council – who will be discussing the three different options around April.

Class teacher Miss Thomson said ‘This has been an ideal cross-curriculum project which incorporated history, current affairs and ICT and maths when coming up with the charts and graphs to find out the most popular proposal. It has also taught pupils about compromise, and how people have to consider what is important to different groups of people before they make such big decisions’’

Miss Thomson added: “The children hope their voices will be listened to when Bradford Council comes to make any decision.”