The Big Garden Birdwatch

The Big Garden Birdwatch

Binoculars were at the ready for Year 4 pupils as they patiently waited for wildlife visitors to their school garden.

Taking part in the Big Garden Bird Watch, the biggest school wildlife survey in the world involving over 75,000 school children and teachers, pupils in Ms Leary’s class were tasked with identifying and recording all the visiting birds to their school garden.

Eliza Rashid particularly enjoyed the wildlife project. ‘We had a chart in the classroom with all the different birds and their colours on it’, she said. ‘I really enjoyed using the binoculars and identifying each one’.

The annual survey typically runs over a four week period from mid-January and encourages schoolchildren and their teachers to assign a day to discover which birds they share their school grounds with and report their finding back to the RSPB. The results then help the RSPB to build a picture of birds visiting school grounds and any population changes.

‘With our binoculars we spotted three blackbirds and two doves on the birdfeeders in our school garden’ reported Aliza Nazir, supporting national findings that the blackbird was the most commonly seen bird in school grounds.

‘The boys and girls in 4L found this a fascinating project‘ said Ms. Leary, ‘and for one school morning this winter, it was perfectly acceptable for my Year 4 pupils to gaze out of the classroom window!’