The World Challenge

The World Challenge

Year 12 student Mariyah Azam reports on the World Challenge, a month-long expedition, which offers students the chance to explore the world, experience different cultures and develop valuable life skills.

At the beginning of July, following over a year of various fundraising activities to pay for the trip, a group of determined sixth form students set off for Malawi, on their ‘World Challenge’ expedition.

worldStudents faced many challenges; a six day trek up the magnificent Mount Mulanje, which scaled over 3000 metres, helping to build a school in one of the most poverty stricken areas of Malawi, even facing a troop of monkeys who were prepared to do anything to pinch the students often-limited supply of food!

Recalling her toughest moments, Jasmine Sharp said, ‘Homesickness was sometimes difficult to cope with, however there were so many amazing moments. The mountain trek particularly opened our eyes, and many of us realised that we were a lot tougher than we originally thought’.

Mariyah Azam