Toys through the Ages

Toys through the Ages

On Tuesday 8 March, Year 1 pupils enjoyed a fascinating trip to the Dewsbury Toy Museum as part of their IPC topic covering ‘Toys and Games’.

On arrival, pupils were escorted to the courtyard where they were delighted to try the variety of wooden Victorian toys including the wooden tops, hoops, hobby horses and skipping ropes. But just trying to stand on the wooden stilts proved particularly challenging and very funny for some of the boys and girls.

Then it was a tour inside the museum to experience how things have changed in the lives of children over the last century. In the ‘Growing Up in Dewsbury’ exhibition, they looked through the windows of a 1940’s classroom and talked about school life in a war-torn Britain. They even sat at the old desks while the teacher demonstrated the different toys that the children would have played with at that time, including a spinning top.

In the ‘Toys will be Toys’ gallery they discovered the role of toys and play, and discovered why some toys are now seen as collector’s items.

a1In the ‘Museum of Hidden delights’ pupils were fascinated at the display of everyday objects in the most unusual, new and wonderful ways.

Then it was onto a puppet workshop, where pupils created their own hand puppets using the variety of different materials.

‘Children really enjoyed day, they found it fascinating to explore how toys have changed through the ages,’ said Miss Tattersfield.

‘It was interesting to see how the old toys were still appealing to the younger children, including an old Bagpuss from the hugely popular 1970’s BBC TV programme’.