Visiting Artist Ruth Fettis

Visiting Artist Ruth Fettis

During the first three weeks in March, a group of senior pupils welcomed the opportunity to work with Ruth Fettis, the celebrated local artist who is particularly renowned for her intricate and dynamic designs using lino and block printing.

As well as exhibiting widely in the North of England, Ruth’s work has been displayed in the Extraneo Design Studio in Florence, Italy and with museumMAN in Valparaiso and Santiago, Chile. She currently has a new exhibition at the Cartwright Hall entitled ‘Here We Live’ which includes a series of linocut portraits of the people living and working in Bradford.

The senior pupils, who are currently working towards their Level 1 Award in Art, relished the opportunity to develop a new range of skills and an understanding of the processes involved in lino and block printing from such an experienced and inspirational artist.

During the workshops Ruth demonstrated the various techniques she currently used to produce her intricate pieces; from initial concept, drawings and sketches, to carving the designs into the lino, and finally to the various methods used in block printing. Pupils were shown how one lino-block could be used to produce a multi-coloured image.

Pupils were then tasked with developing their own individual project inspired by an artist they currently admired.

Starting with a portrait sketch, pupils first transferred their image onto the lino.  Using the various tools and techniques demonstrated, pupils then carved the image into the lino to produce a final lino-block. These were then used to block print onto various materials including card and paper, with some innovative pupils using the techniques to produce striking canvas bags.

Miss Hussain, the teacher who worked with the group said: ‘These workshops provided a valuable opportunity for pupils to learn new skills and techniques, enabling them to establish a diverse portfolio of work that demonstrated a full range of techniques and skills across a variety of mediums’.