Visiting the home of the Brontës

Visiting the home of the Brontës

In the second week of June, the Sixth Form English Literature students visited the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth in preparation for studying Emily Brontë’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ next year..

bronte1The day started with a quick look around Haworth to get a feeling for the place and to appreciate its quaint rural setting and imagine its less quaint industrial past.

Students then attended a talk about the Brontë sisters, dispelling the myths and prejudices which still surround the young 19th century women who once lived in a rural village, and offered a more evidence-based perspective on the lives and values the sisters were more likely to have had.

This was followed by a tour around Haworth and the Parsonage itself, which students particularly enjoyed,  as it allowed them to see the many places and the countryside setting which influenced Emily’s values and writing style.

The day concluded with a talk on the varied responses ‘Wuthering Heights’ provoked at the time of publication and still provokes today.

Haworth cemetaryMrs Sheridan said: ‘The day as a whole showed how Emily’s experiences influenced her writing and how this allowed ‘Wuthering Heights’ to make an important and distinctive contribution to Gothic literature – which is a particular focus of the A-level course’.

‘The class will now build on this experience by studying the novel and its critical responses with a greater awareness of the life and values Emily Brontë once had’, she added.