Visitor from Down Under

Visitor from Down Under

Diane Fellows (nee Peel)  1958-65

On a summer trip to visit family in Oxford, Diane Fellows took the opportunity presented by a two-day visit to Yorkshire, to stop by and visit her old school.

Closed for the summer holidays, the school felt ‘eerily quiet’ without the pupils, but Diane was still thrilled to be offered a short tour and the opportunity to reminisce about her ‘wonderful’ time spent at the school in the early sixties.

Although Diane was very impressed with all the new modern facilities, unsurprisingly it was the library that delighted the former pupil, particularly as it had still retained all its beautiful oak Mouseman furniture and fixtures. ‘I can certainly remember reading in here’, she commented.

Also triggering memories, but not with as much affection, was the school gymnasium hall where she particularly disliked the PE lessons and ‘that awful wooden horse that I could never get over’.

Although failing to find herself on one of the class photographs in the gallery of past pupils , Diane still recalled the hair styles of the day. ‘Oh I remember those hairstyles’ she said, ‘we tried to see how far we could get away with our beehives. We back-combed our hair to death, but were always told to smarten ourselves up’.

Walking down the corridors she also remembered the old stern headmistress, Miss Black shouting at them to “walk slowly and carefully, like young ladies” and not to mark the beautiful tiled floors.

With her trip to England scheduled until mid-September, Diane is hoping to return for a visit when the term commences and she will be able to meet some of the current pupils.

Diane now lives in Perth, Australia and teaches English at The Centre for English Language Teaching (CELT) at The University of Western Australia.