Key Stage 4 Results

2017 Published Results – Notification

The Department for Education is scheduled to publish their Provisional Performance Tables for the summer 2017 public examinations on 12th October 2017.  These tables include a detailed analysis of the recent GCSE and A level results for every school in England.

Every school can preview their data and alert the DfE to any necessary amendments including; notification of higher grades awarded after an examination re-mark, examination entry code adjustments and/or any other technical data errors.

Any agreed changes are included in the Full Performance Tables which are due for publication in January 2018.

As with all schools, we have been given advance access to the Bradford Girls’ Grammar School data and in checking these figures, it has become apparent that they are based on an incomplete set of examination data and in their present format do not include any GCSE science results.

The DfE have been alerted to this significant discrepancy and have given complete reassurance that these figures will be revisited and rectified at the next statistical update.

As a result, the science results for BGGS will be included in the January 2018 Full Performance Tables but until then the school performance measures for the school are completely incorrect.


2016 Key Stage 4 Performance Measures

%age of Pupil Attainment:   Average  Local Authority National Average 
English Language GCSE A*-C 10.1% tbc tbc
English Literature GCSE A*-C 26.1% tbc tbc
Mathematics GCSE A*-C 22.4% tbc tbc
Basics (GCSE’s A*-C) English & mathematics) 69.0% 52.1% 59.3%
English Baccalaureate 40.0% 17.2% 23.1%
Attainment 8 51.5 45.7 48.5
Progress 8 +0.05 -0.15 0
Sustained education destination 93% 91% 94%

Whole School Data:

BGGS England
Eligible for Free School meals at any time during previous 6yrs:  23.7% 28.9%
Pupils attendance levels:  95% 95%

Performance measures clarification:

The ‘English Baccalaureate

The English Baccalaureate is not a test or qualification; it is a measure used to provide information about a particular range of qualifications. A pupil is considered to have ‘achieved’ the English Baccalaureate if they got a grade C or better in the following subjects: English, maths, sciences, a language and either history or geography.

‘Attainment 8’ score (results in core subjects)

Schools get a score based on how well pupils have performed in up to 8 qualifications, which include English, maths, 3 qualifications including sciences, computer science, history, geography and languages, and 3 other additional approved qualifications.

‘Progress 8’ score (progress made during secondary)

Progress 8 tells us how well pupils at this school have progressed between the end of primary school (key stage 2) and the end of secondary school (key stage 4), compared to pupils in other schools who got similar results at the end of primary school.

Pupil destinations – pupils staying in education or going into employment (with training)

This measures the number of pupils who either stayed in education or went into employment (with training) after year 11 (key stage 4).

Key Stage 4 Results

2017 BGGS KS4 Performance Tables

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