Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff

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Mrs K.T.M. Matthews, BSc (Leeds) Mathematics & Media Studies, PGCE, MA (Leeds) Education Studies, QTS

Vice Principals

Teaching & Learning Mrs L.J. Atkinson, BA (Kent) History, PGCE (London) History with Religious Studies QTS
Inclusion  – Mrs R Howarth, BA Hons (Sheffield) Business Studies, PGCE Business Education: QTS, MA (OU) Education NPQSL   

Assistant Principal

Head of Sixth Form  Mr N Bates, BSc (Oxford) Science, MSc (Birmingham) GeoPhysics, PGCE (Keele) Geology with Science, QTS

Senior School Teaching Staff

Mr M Alderson, BSc Hons (York) Biochemistry, PGCE (Leeds) Secondary Science, PGCE (Leeds Met) Special Education Needs Coordination QTS
Mr B Atkinson, BMus (Cardiff) Music, MA (Cardiff) Music
Mr R Barlow, BSC Hons (Leeds) Software Applications Development, PGCE Secondary Education (Bradford), QTS
Mrs E Burdett, BA (Leeds) Fashion and Textiles , PGCE (Leeds) Creative Arts and Design, QTS
Mr O Catal, BSc (Leeds) Physics, PGCE (Leeds) Physics, QTS
Mrs C Coleman , BA (Liverpool) Philosophy, PGCE (Plymouth) Religious Education, QTS
Miss L Dickinson, BA Hons (Cumbria) Coaching and Sport, QTS
Mrs E Dixon, BA Hons (Manchester) Politics & Modern History, PGCE (Leeds) History, QTS
Mr M Eastwood, BSc (Hull) Sports Science, PGCE (Huddersfield) Secondary Mathematics, QTS
Mrs S Foltier, BA (Paris) Licence LLCE Anglais, BA (Paris) Maitrise LLCE Anglais, PGCE (York) MFL (French)
Dr A Franczak, PhD (NCU, Poland) Humanities, MA (NCU) History, PGCE, QTS
Mrs C Freeman, BA (Huddersfield) Music & Drama, MA (Huddersfield) Music, PGCE (Manchester) Secondary Music, QTS
Miss H Frith, BA (DeMontfort) Fashion Design, MA (Nottingham Trent) Fashion Design, PGCE D&T – Textiles (Sheffield), QTS
Miss R Gant, BA (Wales) Drama QTS
Miss H George, PGCE (Strathclyde) Classics & English, MA (Glasgow) Classic Civilisation, QTS
Mrs Y Grant, ASA Advanced Teacher, NARS Pool Lifeguard, ASA Syncro Teacher, NEBSS Supervisory Studies, NDNA Playwork Foundation Stage
Miss J Green, BA Hons (Aberystwyth) English, PGCE (Leeds) Secondary English, QTS
Miss C Harris, BA (Liverpool) Classical Studies, PGCE (Leeds) Secondary English, QTS
Mrs J Holmes, BSc (Manchester) Geography, PGCE (Manchester), QTS
Mr A Iqbal, BSc (Leicester) Mathematics, PGCE (Bradford) Mathematics, QTS
Ms C Jackson, BA (Liverpool) Secondary PE Sport and Dance with QTS
Mrs E Jennens-Beevers, BSc (Bradford) Forensic & Medical Science, PGCE (Bradford) Secondary Mathematics, QTS
Mr R Jennens-Beevers, BSc (Leeds) Mathematics & Statistics, PGCE (Leeds) Secondary Mathematics, QTS
Miss G Lancaster, BA Hons  (Northumbria) Media Studies and Journalism, QTS
Mrs M A Mateos, BA (Leon) Spanish, English & Methodology, MA (Durham) Linguistics QTS
Mr K Mahmood, BSc (Huddersfield) Forensics and Analytical Science, PGCE (Huddersfield) Science,  PGCE (Leeds) Special Education Needs Coordination, QTS
Ms C McKeating, BA (Nottingham) Spanish & Russian, PGCE (Leeds), QTS
Mrs M Mills, BSc (Open) University Science & Technology, Cert in FE & GTP, QTS
Mrs A Mirza, BA (Leeds) Business Information Management, PGCE Secondary (Leeds), QTS
Miss C Morrison, MA (Aberdeen) in English, PGCE (Strathclyde) Secondary English, MLitt (Glasgow) Creative Writing, QTS
Miss E J Mountain, BA (Leeds) History of Art with Museum Studies, PGCE (Cardiff) Art and Design QTS
Mr P Naylor, BSc (Sheffield) Geography, QTS
Miss K Paxman, BA (Newcastle) Combined Studies, PGCE (Leeds) Secondary English, QTS
Mrs D Plunkett, BA (Lancaster) Religious Studies with Psychology, PGCE (Lancaster), QTS
Miss S Poloubinski,  BSc (Leeds) Psychology, PGCE (Leeds), QTS
Mrs Y Ravat, MSc (Sheffield) Bioinformatics, PGCE Secondary Science (Leicester), BSc Hons (Leicester) Biomedical Sciences, QTS
Miss S Shabir, BSc (Sheffield) Mathematics, PGCE Secondary Mathematics, QTS
Mrs L Shackleton, BA Hons (Leeds) English Language & Literature, PGCE (Leeds) Secondary English, QTS
Mrs R Shields, BSc Hons (Glamorgan) Mathematics, PGCE (Leeds) Secondary, QTS
Dr A Smith, BSc (Bradford) Biomedical Sciences, MPhil ((Bradford) Pharmacology, PhD (Bradford) Pharmacology, PGCE Secondary Science, QTS
Dr R Smith, BSc (York) Chemistry, PhD (UMIST) Chemistry, PGCE Secondary Science, QTS
Mrs F Smyth, BA (York) History, PGCE (History) Cambridge, QTS
Miss V Solovieff, BA Hons (Toronto) History & Russian/Spanish, PGDE (Strathclyde) Secondary History, QTS
Ms V Sutcliffe, MChem (Huddersfield) Chemistry with Industrial Experience, MPhil (Huddersfield) Chemistry, QTS
Miss A Taylor, BSc (Leeds) Physical Education and Sport and Exercise Science, QTS
Mrs K Thornton, BSc (Leeds) Sports Studies, QTS
Mrs A Thorpe, BA (London) French & German, PGCE Leeds, QTS
Mrs S Thurston, BSc (York) Ecology, Conservation & Environment, PGCE (York) Biology, QTS
Mrs C Usher, G Mus (Leeds), ARCM LTCL (London)
Dr M Wali, BA Hons (Oxford) Chemistry, Phd (Sheffield) Philosophy, PGCE (Nottingham Trent), QTS
Mr A Warren, BSc (York) Chemistry with Environmental Chemistry, PGCE Secondary Science, QTS
Mrs L Watson, BSc (Huddersfield) Human Biology, PGCE (Huddersfield) Secondary Science, QTS
Miss C Whitehead, BSc (Liverpool) Chemistry, PGCE (York), QTS
Mrs M Williams, BA Hons (Sheffield) Business Studies, PGCE (Sheffield), HND (Conwy) Business Administration, QTS
Mrs S Yasin, BSc (Huddersfield) Microbiology, GTP (Bradford) Science & Mathematics, QTS

Teaching Assistants

Mrs N Ahmed, Cache Level 3 (Bradford) Childcare
Mrs J Hirst, BTEC (Bradford) Management Studies, Diploma in Administration (Buckingham)
Miss S Hussain, BSc (Bradford) ICT, PGCE (Huddersfield) ICT, QTS
Mrs K Jones, CACDP British Sign Language Level 3, Paediatric First Aid
Mrs E Kosar, BA (Open) Literature
Mrs A Markham, BA Hons (Bradford) Social Studies, PGCE (Bradford), HLTA, QTS
Mrs G Marriott, Diploma in SEN Support Teaching (Leeds), Foundation degree in learning and teaching SEN
Mrs D Proctor, BA (Lincoln) Early Childhood Studies
Mrs S Shah, MA (India) Sociology, Early Childcare and Education Diploma (India), HLTA
Mrs B Thompson, BA (Ankara Gazi) in Fine Arts Teaching
Mrs M Williams, BA Hons (Sheffield) Business Studies, PGCE (Sheffield) HND (Conwy) Business Administration, QTS

Visiting Music Staff

Mrs J Chamberlain, BA (Leeds) in Jazz Studies
Mr D Gibson, GCLCM (Leeds) Classical, Contemporary & Light Music
Mr T Horton, BA (Leeds) Music LTCL (Huddersfield) Certificate in Education (Manchester)
Mrs E G Mellor, B Mus (Hons) Huddersfield, PGCE, QTS
Mr A Novell, BMus (Newcastle) Music
Mr A Pryde, BA (Leeds) Jazz Studies
Mrs D Trigg, Diploma in Music Performances (Huddersfield), Diploma in Singing (Birmingham), QTS

Cover Supervisor

Mrs N Begum, GNVQ (Bradford) Health & Social Care