Key Stage 5 Results


2016 Key Stage 5 Performance Measures – Year 13 only

  Average  Local Authority England Average 
Average A level grade achieved C+ C- C+
Pass Rate 98.8% tbc 98.1%
A*/A grades at A level 18.4% tbc tbc
A*-C grades at A level 74.8% tbc tbc
Student Retention 98.8% tbc tbc
Sustained education destination 89% 86% 88%

Progress by key stage 4 prior attainment

………………….  …………………………………… BGGS Average
Local Authority
England Average
 English   n/a*  -0.11  -0.10
 Mathematics         n/a* -0.16 -0.13

*2015-16 – There were zero BGGS students entering Y12 who did not achieve A*-C at GCSE

Whole School Data:

BGGS England
Eligible for Free School meals at any time during previous 6yrs:  23.7% 28.9%
Pupils attendance levels:  95% 95%

Performance measures clarification:

Progress by Key Stage 4 Prior Attainment

This is the a measurement of the progress through 16-18 study of the students who did not achieve A*-C at GCSE (Key Stage 4) in English or Mathematics.

Pupil destinations – pupils staying in education or going into employment (with training)

This measures the number of pupils who either stayed in education or went into employment (with training) after year 13 (key stage 5).

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