The school takes its responsibilities towards the safeguarding of its pupils very seriously, and fulfils the statutory guidance  “Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020

Following Government guidance, the school has created a coronavirus outbreak safeguarding addendum, which is available to view on request.

The Primary and Senior/Sixth Form phases each have a Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Primary phase:                                 Mrs Lisa Leary
Senior/Sixth Form phase:              Miss Measha Harris

All staff have regular safeguarding training to ensure that pupils can always find someone to talk to when the need arises.

The PSHE curriculum includes a significant safeguarding element for every year group to raise pupil awareness of safeguarding issues in an age appropriate manner.

Guest speakers provide further opportunities for pupils / sixth form students to discuss safeguarding issues in a safe environment.

Pupils, staff and governors all sign an acceptable use policy which outlines responsibility for their online activity

All pupils and staff are aware of the reporting process for any thing that may be worrying them.

Parents in the Senior Phase receive regular safeguarding emails providing information about new mobile phone apps / internet games which may be of concern.

The school works in partnership with The School Nurse Team, Educational Psychology Team, CAMHS, Bradford Safeguarding Children’s Board, Children’s Social Care and West Yorkshire Police in fulfilling its duty of care to the children and young people in its community.

Parents are usually involved in conversations around the safety of their child/ children, but there may be occasions where the school seeks advice from other professionals before making contact.

The Senior Phase PSHE programme includes safeguarding modules for each year group:

Year PSHE topics
7 Running away, truanting, age appropriate reference to grooming, Bullying (1),
Crime and responsibility (1)
8 The work of the NSPCC, Childline, age appropriate reference to domestic abuse, The risks of substance abuse.
9 E-safety, Crime and responsibility (2)
10 Bullying (2) including cyberbullying, Sex and Relationships
11 Safe v abusive relationships, Sexting

School Policies are issued by the school Senior Leadership Team and ratified by the School Governors prior to release – all statutory school policies are published on the website..