COVID 19 Updates


Update: Friday 22 May 2020

In light of recent scientific advice, the school will now delay the phased reopening of the school originally planned for 1st June 2020. The school will review the decision again on 4th June 2020.

Whilst we understand the impact the disruption is having on our pupils’ education, and recognise the importance of the school’s re-opening, we feel we must continue to take a measured and cautious approach to our decision making when considering the safety of all our school community.

Thank you for your patience and support whilst we continue to work through these challenging issues.

Parent Letter 22 May


Update: from Monday 23rd March 2020

This is an important message for parents/carers who wish to send their child to school.

The Government’s advice about sending your child into school if you are a key worker i.e. critical to the COVID-19 response or if your child is vulnerable can be interpreted in different ways. Even since speaking to some parents who called the school on Friday, events have changed so the school needs to be very clear.

The default position is that school is closed. The Secretary of State has clarified his initial comments and now says that ‘if a child can stay safely at home, then they should be at home’. Sending your child in otherwise, places them and all BGGS staff at increased risk.

Children of Key Workers

Again, a consensus has emerged which might replace previously accepted advice. Even if you are a key worker yourself, please ask whether your secondary school aged child can remain at home. Is there another parent /carer who is NOT a key worker? Are they old enough to be left alone for periods of tie during the day, as they would-be in the school holidays or at weekends?


Thank you for your support.