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Lady Royd Primary

Aamaal Accountability

You can always rely on Aamaal Accountability to be on time and ready to learn. Her beautiful, gleaming clock reminds her to take responsibility for being where she needs to be. 

She keeps all of her important equipment and belongings safely in her satchel, so that they are there ready to support her learning, as she works hard to fulfil her potential. She remembers to keep everything neat and to tidy up after she has finished working. She doesn’t want to lose anything.

Aamaal stores all of the wonderful knowledge and experiences she discovers in her special book. It is growing bigger every day as it fills up with exciting information. The ideas and tools she uncovers help her to be the best she can be, in everything she does. Aamaal is ambitious to succeed and her dashboard lights sparkle with determination as she takes steps towards her goals.

Aamaal isn’t afraid to take responsibility for her actions and decisions. When she makes a mistake, she always owns up and takes the consequences, marking the memory in her book so she keeps on learning. Buzzing with a new focus on her aspirations, her amazing brain lights up and acts as a beacon for those around her.

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