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Lady Royd Primary


Curriculum Intent

In Reception at Lady Royd Primary we strive to provide rich learning opportunities to our children in order to prepare them for the next stage of their education. We aim to provide all our children with an engaging, diverse and purposeful curriculum that inspires, motivates, builds their confidence, challenges and excites them. Our curriculum is the cultural capital we know our pupils need to thrive. They can only do that if we embed the right habits for learning through the Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning – Play and Exploration, Active Learning and Creative and Critical Thinking.

Our EYFS curriculum is planned to support positive learning habits, confidence in oracy and develop dialogue skills and curiosity in playful enquiry. It is our intention to provide our children with a variety of first-hand experiences. In addition, we ensure that our children have a stimulating classroom environment that enhances their ability to learn and that they are proud of.

In Reception the pupils spend the majority of their day engaged in Playful Learning. This involves them independently accessing a variety of indoor and outdoor resources focusing on the 7 curriculum areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. The Reception classroom provides a balance of adult-led and child-initiated learning opportunities so that pupils can progress socially, physically and academically while developing a love for learning. Many of our pupils arrive well below national expectations for their age and a high proportion come from disadvantaged backgrounds and with complex needs. Therefore, we prioritise personal, social and emotional development and communication and language in our Reception environment.