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Curriculum Intent

At Bradford Girls’ Grammar School, we believe that it is our duty to inspire young people to see the true beauty of Mathematics by bringing Maths alive, making it interesting, developing deeper understanding and broaden their knowledge of mathematical concepts for an ever more technical future. These core beliefs and ideals should be modelled in our practice, which promotes the value and enjoyment of the study of Mathematics to students, parents/guardians, and colleagues.  

We aim to provide a broad and balanced educational experience that meets the needs of the pupils, preparing them to be well-educated 21st century citizens. Our curriculum is carefully sequenced and follows a mastery format all the way from EYFS up until the end of KS4; taking smaller steps in learning but at a deeper level. This helps pupils form secure understanding before developing that topic area later in a unit or in the following year of study. Throughout the programme of study there is a strong emphasis upon pupils being able to justify their reasoning of when and why methods work. Lessons include frequent retrieval practice exercises where pupils are asked to recall prior learning; research shows that this act of regular retrieval helps prevent pupils forgetting previous learning. 

Maths – Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact 

Curriculum Map - Maths