A mystery from the 1950s

A mystery from the 1950s


The school has recently received a request for further information about the photographs of Peter Olwyler. If you can help provide further information please contact:  etucker@bggs.com

Here is the letter…..

Can you tell me if the Bradford Girl’s Grammar School ever did a tour to the city of San Miguel de Allende in the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico?  I am presently archiving the photographs of Peter Olwyler.  The photograph negatives are listed as being of the “Bradford Girls” when Peter worked in San Miguel for the Instituto Allende as the public relations manager.

As I archive Peter’s photographs, I find references to many local and international persons and organizations, many of which I’m not familiar.  In an effort to clarify and expand on the information, I have been making contact with some of the references.

If you have any information that might place a group of Bradford Girls in San Miguel, Mexico in 1957, I would be grateful for confirmation of this.  Or, if you wish to share the enclosed “contact sheet” of Peter’s negatives with any of your former alumni, please pass it on to them.  I notice that an “Old Girl’s Union” is associated with the school and I presume that there may be women who participated in the trip to Mexico.

Thank you for any help you might provide in the archiving process of the thousands of photographs that Peter took during his Mexico Period (1955 – 1963).



Michael Olwyler

US Forest Service (Retired)