Full STEAM Ahead

Full STEAM Ahead

At the end of September, a group of pupils from Years 8 to 10 visited the University of Huddersfield to attend a ‘European Researchers Night’ – an annual worldwide event which aims to inspire future generations to consider a career in research by demonstrating the impact that it can have on everyday life.

The theme of the event was ‘Full STEAM ahead’ , where STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths, and included a programme of activities, expert talks, workshops and experiments,  providing a valuable insight into the research taking place at the University.

steam-3Year 8 pupils took part in a “Build a Synth” workshop, which linked into their physics lessons on sound, particularly the areas of pitch and frequency.

Following a brief tutorial on the electronic components of a circuit board and a demonstration of how to use the soldering equipment, pupils were tasked with building their own synthesiser using the components supplied.

On completion the girls took part in a music concert to showcase their creations.

At the same time, the Year 9 and 10 girls attended a demonstration entitled “How Artificial Intelligence can be used to write a Rock Song”.

Year 9 pupil, Aya Abogrein explained:

“Our workshop was about composing music using artificial intelligence. The presentation explained the advancement of technology through time and how we can now use computers and robots to compose or make music through the probability of results and randomised chords and notes. Some of the music composed by the computer was then played on the grand piano.

lab-coatsAt the end of the workshop we were played various pieces of music and had to try and guess which was composed by human and which by Artificial Intelligence.”

Pupils also took part in two of the University’s competitions: to design a lab coat based on the colour combinations of Josef Albers and the contemporary fashion designs of Paul Smith, and to write an acrostic poem about a famous invention.



Year 9 pupil, Sahar Ali, and Year 10 pupil Aisha Mohammed, were awarded  first prize with their lab coat designs, whilst Aya Abogrein also picked up a first for her poem entitled  ‘clocks’.

poem‌‌‌“Pupils thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the event”, said Mrs Sutcliffe.

“It offered a unique opportunity to experience a different side to science and explore the wide variety of possible careers available in Science and Engineering”, she added.