Old Girls’ Reunion

Old Girls’ Reunion

On Saturday 4 October, over fifty OGU members attended the annual Old Girls’ Reunion lunch. This year saw the majority of Old Girls travelling from across the region, whilst Cynthia Micheletti nee Robertshaw (BGGS 1950-1958), once again made the journey from Germany.

A special 60 year reunion of the Upper Thirds of 1954 was well represented with many of the former pupils still firm friends after all these years. Additionally, a group of ladies who left in 1984 also celebrated a special reunion year – 30 years on.

Members were delighted to be met by current pupils and given a tour of the school, showing particular interest in the school archives and the old library with the beautiful Robert Thompson Mouseman oak furniture. The group of Old Girls, including the three ‘Green’ sisters; Jennifer, Sally and Katharine, who left the school in 1968, 1970 and 1977 respectively, enjoyed looking through the archive of old photographs and school publications, and talking to members of the student leadership team.

Jane Tinker recognised many of her friends and classmates on one of the whole school photographs in the school gallery, whilst Eveline Wilkinson (BGGS 1945-51) and Pat Smith, nee Whitaker (BGGS 1944-50), reminisced about their form room G1, now used as a school office.

After the tour, the Old Girls were escorted to the dining room for a delicious lunch and the chance to catch up with old friends, some of whom had not seen each other for over 50 years. Everyone agreed that it had been a successful and memorable day.