University Science of Sound

University Science of Sound

This term, Year 8 science pupils welcomed Dr Liz Dobson from the University of Huddersfield to deliver a workshop on building a synthesiser, as part of their physics topic on sound.

The workshops were delivered with the help of Year 12 physics students who worked alongside the senior girls to show them how to use the soldering equipment to attach the resister to the circuit board, followed by the component leads, capacitors, battery, potentiometers and the main chip, and finally attaching the speaker.

On completion, senior girls were then shown how to use their musical instrument to compose music.

As an active member of the Yorkshire Sound Women Network (YSWN), whose aim is to inspire and enable more girls to explore sound and music technology, Dr Dobson was keen demonstrate how the various curriculum topics could be brought together, even as a possible career – in this case, electronics, physics, computer science and music.

‘We started the project from a science perspective – learning about basic sound composition and how sound travels, and so approaching it from the theory of science’, said Dr Dobson.

‘Then from a practical side, the project encouraged students to listen to pitch and learn about the structure and form of sound, and then learn how to control sound and compose music through a computer.’

Students concluded the day with a short performance of their compositions, delivered on the instruments they had just built.