The Curriculum

The Curriculum

The school meets the 16-19 study programme requirements in the following ways:

Subject Choices

Students study three A levels and are be given the opportunity to complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which supports preparation for undergraduate study.

Each A level subject is allocated five hours of teaching per week. The remainder of the timetable will be designated for private study and will include time to undertake leadership roles within the school, the EPQ, Progression Module and to take part in the Community Volunteering Programme (CVP).

Combination of Subject Choices

As an academic sixth form, all the courses offered are at A level. The transition to A level from GCSE is very demanding and it is in everyone’s interest that students are suitable for A level study.

Both internal and external students will require 5 or more GCSE’s at grades from 6-9 – separate requirements may apply in order to study specific subjects.  Students will also need to have secured their English and Maths to a minimum of grade 5, depending on their choices.

In order to support students wanting to study A level subjects that contain a high mathematical content – specifically Psychology, Geography, Business Studies and either of the three sciences – students will be offered the Core Maths module in addition to their chosen  subjects unless they have already included Maths as an A level option or they are studying to re-sit their GCSE Maths.

Students will be asked to indicate their initial preferences when they apply to sixth form by completing a Subject Choices Form, but the final combination will depend on GCSE grades and the way that subjects are grouped together on the timetable. This will be finalised at the start of term in September, when successful applicants will be invited to bring evidence of grades awarded on Registration Day

The choice of career and university degree preferences must play a significant part in arriving at a suitable combination of subjects, as universities determine their own entry requirements. These are listed for each degree course on the UCAS website.

From 2019 A level subjects offered include: Art, Craft and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, English Language, English Literature, Geography, History, Mathematics, Spanish, French, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies and Sociology.

Students will be asked to indicate their preferences for four of the A levels offered with an indication of a reserve subject in case of timetable clashes.

Students will be given the opportunity to talk with subject specialists on Information Evening and on Registration Day.

Enrichment Activities

All students have the opportunity to experience university/employer talks covering a diverse range of future education/employment options.

Where possible students are supported in gaining relevant work experience in field of their choice. All students participate in volunteering activities and are encouraged to undertake NCS (if not already completed) to increase their wider skills set and enrich their sixth form experience.