16-19 Bursary Fund

16-19 Bursary Fund

The 16-19 Bursary is a new £180 million scheme provided by the Government to ensure that every young person can participate in and benefit from a place in 16-19 education.

Students from defined vulnerable groups or those experiencing the greatest financial disadvantage with course-related costs will receive support from the fund.

Bursary payments are intended to meet the education-related costs only (e.g. transport, educational visits, books and equipment, university visits) and are targeted at individual students.


Students must be at least 16 years old and under 19 years old at the start of the academic year. In full or part time education. Conditions apply: Attendance, behaviour and study commitment.

The Fund has two main elements:

1.  Guaranteed bursaries for the most vulnerable.

Maximum of £1,200 per student – payable at £100/month.

This group is made up of children in care, care leavers and those students on income support. Income support is paid to young people such as teenage parents, young people with severe disabilities, teenagers living away from their parents and young people whose parents have died.

2.  Discretionary bursaries.

These are targeted towards students who face genuine financial barriers to staying on in education and training to help with costs such as transport, food or equipment.

The amount payable will vary from year to year based on the allocation received from the Department of Education and an estimate of how many pupils will apply.

The level of fund will be allocated according to the following criteria:

Level 1 Pupils in receipt of Free School Meals
(household income below £16,960)
£150 split into three termly payments.
Level 2 Pupils from households income below £21,000
(who earn less than £50 from part time work)
£75 split into three termly payments.
Level 3 Pupils from households income below £25,000
(who earn less than £50 from part time work)
One off assistance with course related costs – no more than £50.


Closing date for application for 2018/19 bursary is Friday 21st September 2018.


Targets will be set to monitor academic performance, behaviour and attendance. Payments will be made once these targets are in place.

Failure to meet the set targets will result in funds being withdrawn.

Application forms to be completed and returned to: Mrs. M. Taylor – Finance Director .

Further information can be found at:


The Education Funding Agency has provided a student guide to the Bursary fund – click here to access: 2016-17 Guide 

Applications to:

Michelle Taylor, Finance Director
Email:  mtaylor@bggs.com
Tel: 01274 545395