The LEAP Programme

The LEAP Programme

Students are offered the opportunity to take part in the Leeds Enterprise Advisory Programme (LEAP) – a business initiative which enables students to set up their own company for a school year. This helps students develop key business and interpersonal skills, such as teamwork , problem solving and project management.

By participating in the LEAP programme, seminars and competitions students gain confidence and acquire valuable skills to be better prepared for future employment or University interviews. Some even use this insight as a steppingstone to developing their own business.

Students raise their own share capital by making or buying a product, writing a business plan and marketing the product or service. At the end of the process, they present their company results to a panel of business advisers alongside an annual report and financial accounts.


As part of the programme, students attend seminars on various aspects of setting up their company, from electing directors, choosing the product or service, marketing, selling and financial accounts.

Following the Getting Started launch event at the start of the Autumn Term, a Getting Organised workshop takes place in October and in January the What’s Next? seminar.

Trade fairs

LEAP arranges trade fairs in December and February at the Merrion Centre in Leeds for students to launch their products to the general public.

Competitions and Annual Awards

The three major competitions, ‘Marketing at Trade Fairs, Presentation‘ and ‘Report Writing‘ are judged throughout the year. From these three competitions combined with a review of the company business plan and the administration folder the board selects The ‘Best LEAP Company of the year’.

The year closes with an Oscar style awards evening where VIPs, parents, teachers and business mentors celebrate the achievements of the students.

“The BGGS Leap groups have been superb in the past – a real credit to your school.”

Steve Webber. Westcom Networks
(sponsor of LEAP programme)