Life in the Sixth Form

Life in the Sixth Form

Sixth Form provides a stimulating environment in which girls are encouraged to develop independence and initiative. They achieve high academic standards and enjoy a diverse extra-curricular programme.

The Sixth Form College is housed in a modern, self-contained building adjacent to the Senior School where there are teaching rooms, an ICT suite and a number of dedicated quiet study areas. Students also have access to a number of laptops which may be used in any of the study rooms.

Whilst students are required to eat all hot meals in the senior school dining room, students can use the college’s kitchen facilities to prepare light snacks and hot or cold drinks.

Sixth Form students therefore enjoy their own distinct space and facilities whilst still being an integral part of the whole school.

The college atmosphere also reflects the growing independence and maturity encouraged among students whilst the adult learning environment helps prepare students for university and the next stage in the early stage of their career .

Dress Code

Students are encouraged to take on personal responsibility for their decisions and actions. Whilst students in the Sixth Form are not required to wear the school uniform they are expected to dress in a smart, professional manner reflective of their position as ambassadors of the school and role models for the younger girls.

Students should wear smart business attire, including appropriate footwear, as would be expected in the workplace and to reflect their growing maturity.




“Pupils speak highly of the careers advice and guidance they are given. They believe the aspirational targets they are set demonstrate teachers’ faith in them, and this helps builds their confidence. As a result of inspirational visitors and visits to universities older students are unashamedly ambitious.”

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