Studying in the Sixth Form

Studying in the Sixth Form

Students joining the Sixth Form will find that they have a great deal more freedom and choice regarding their studies, and with that comes a great deal of responsibility. As such they will need to balance their work time and leisure time.


Study at A level is also significantly more demanding than GCSE and the sooner students settle into a routine the better. They will have to develop the skills required for independent study as they will need to manage their time well in order to meet deadlines.


Students are expected to study three A level subjects in Year 12 and 13. Students may also decide to complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which supports preparation for undergraduate study.

Each A level subject will be allocated five hours of teaching per week. The remainder of the timetable will be designated for private study and will include time to undertake the EPQ, Progression Module and volunteering


Students cannot be successful in their A Level studies based purely on what they complete in class.

Students are expected to match the scheduled teaching time for each subject with an equivalent number of independent study hours and are therefore allocated set study periods (usually 5 hours) for each subject per week.

In addition there are workshops and tutorials where students can engage with staff in discussion and planning.

During study periods, students may work in one of the Sixth Form study rooms, ICT suite or senior school library.   Students have access to a number of networked  laptop computers available in the sixth form and in the main school library.

The school library also offers a wide variety of resources and facilities to further support student’s study and on-line research activities.