ATSK Karate Club

ATSK Karate Club

Background to the Club

The current  Karate Club at Bradford Girls’ Grammar School was established following the foundation of The Academy of Shotokan Traditional Karate – Do (ATSK) by Peter and John Duggan in 2000.

What is Karate-Do?

Karate-Do is a very scientific art based on the principals of physics and physiology with movements designed to produce the most effective technique of attack or defence.

As with other Japanese martial arts, Karate requires a sound spirit and has clear rules of behaviour and respect. The final purpose of Karate is not to defeat an opponent in competition, but to develop perfect character, overcome mental and physical suffering under rigorous discipline.

Training at Bradford Girls’ Grammar School

Club Instructors: 

Peter Duggan.  Grade: Godan 5th
John Duggan.  Grade: Godan 5th

Health and fitness are natural results of regular and correct Karate training. Size, sex, aga and muscular strength are unimportant; everyone can benefit form Karate training. Members of many associations range from seven to seventy years of age and they are both men and women, boys and girls.

Children can benefit immensely from Karate training. Traditional Karate training places great emphasis on discipline and good manners. Concentraion is needed at all times whilst training and this is shown to have an improving effect on performance at school.

Getting Involved

We welcome anyone who wants to learn Karate; from complete beginners and those who simply want to improve and develop their current skills to those who want to expand their skills and techniques to a much higher level with advancement to a higher grade.

Given that Karate-Do requires good levels of concentration we only take new members from the age of seven years.

Feel free to visit the karate club and watch some of the classes in the visitor viewing area or sign-up for an introductory lesson.  Contact the club direct for further information, or just turn up at to a training session.



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Training Times
Wednesday & Friday
Adults: Beginners & all Grades welcome.
Boys & Girls from 7yrs

Training: Brown Belt/Dan Grade
First Friday of each month

Contact: Peter Duggan
Tel: 07759 228933

“Karate is more than just an Art of Training, but a Way of Life.”

Master Gichin Funakoshi