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Sunny Self-Confidence

You can always spot Sunny Self-Confidence in a crowd. Her unique petals celebrate her individuality and the multitude of communities she is a part of. Her intricate patterns come together and dance with joy as she springs to work supporting others in the world around her.

She is confident in who she is and what she has achieved in her life so far. She’s not embarrassed by her mistakes and she uses her marvellous watering can to sprinkle her curious mind with all of the knowledge she has learnt from her attempts, failures and successes. This experience helps her to grow stronger every day.

Sunny is proud of her achievements – she worked hard to gain her rosette. She doesn’t always come first but this doesn’t make her sad! She loves it just as much when others do well. She scatters her twinkling ‘Well Done’ seeds over them and celebrates that they can share their strengths and passions together.

Brave Sunny stands tall for all to see. She’s a role model for others and is confident in making the right choices. Her leaves reach wide to explore challenges and explore information before she forges her way forward. She doesn’t feel the need to follow others but believes in herself and aims for the sky.

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